Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Product- LC580

CEI and Jurop have developed the LC580 vacuum pump “The Boss”.

The Jurop LC580 vacuum pump was designed for continuous heavy duty applications that require the highest level of performance.

The LC580 is the largest and most powerful unit within the LC series.  The LC300, 420 & 580 are all available in multiple drive & package configurations.  The LC300 requires 3” components, while the LC420 can use either 3” or 4” components.  The “BOSS”  - LC580 is designed for 4” components only.

The LC580 has a recommended input speed of 1000 rpm with an output of 577 cfm at free air - and 512 cfm at 18” of vacuum.

The LC Series (LC=Liquid Cooled) design is innovative with regards to the liquid cooling system within the vacuum pumps’ housing.  The cooling is complete from end plate to end plate.  This design allows for the LC Series to operate at a higher rate of efficiency for a longer period of time.

If you have an application for a vacuum pump, hi-vac tri-lobe blower or self priming transfer pump you will not find a better product, selection or service anywhere in the world.  For more information regarding CEI & Jurop products please visit or call our technical sales staff at 1-800-342-0887.

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