Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Product- CT130

The Jurop CT130 is the most efficient and capable bulk tank truck blower available.  The CT130 was designed for heavy duty applications that require the highest levels of performance needed by all bulk tank truck operators.

The CT130 is able to unload a variety of products from fine powders, sand, food products to pellets.  High pressure capability and a wide range of input speeds make the CT 130 ideal for other products such as cement, sand, fly ash, flour, sugar and grain.

The innovative design of the CT130 is engineered with internal labyrinth seals, eliminating a major cause of failure, also incorporated within the design are silencing chambers for noise reduction.  The CT130 blower is built strong for long lasting performance.  The blower is designed for 3” connections and has a recommended input speed of between 2000 and 4500 rpm with a maximum output of 755 cfm.

If you have an application for a tri-lobe blower, vacuum pump or self priming transfer pump you will not find a better product, selection or service anywhere in the world.  For more information regarding CEI & Jurop products please visit or call our technical sales staff at 1-800-342-0887.

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